This short film follows different stages of a romance, step by step unravelling what's real and what could be simply a projection in someone's mind. It's the interpretation of feeling an overwhelming attraction towards another after a humble first glance. A first glance that has the ability to imagine a story together; even before words have been spoken.
Written and directed by Scott Kooken & Tom Sibma

Thanks to this lovely team
Director of Photography: Zeeger Verschuren 
Produced by: Since ‘88
Executive Producer: Daan Dagevos 
Producer: Michaël Bolt 
1st AC: Chris van Dijk
2nd AC: Melissa Martens
Gaffer: Gregoor van de Kamp
Best boy: Laurens Eindhoven
Edit: Jits Vlaar, Since ‘88
Colorist: Erik van den Heuvel, De Grot
Title Design: Mariona Palau 
Sound Design: Pim Boreel 
Production Assistant: Geesiena Wolters 
Production Assistant: Julie Cousty 
Choreography: Melisa Diktaş, Scott Kooken, Tom Sibma 
Art Department: Rödental Fritz
Location: Nurcan Tuzkapan, Studio 3000 
Catering: Ti Haselhoef
Styling: Owen Welch 
Hair/Makeup: Magdalena Kielb
Performed by: Melisa Diktaş, Owen Welch  
Cast: Akberet Debessai, Cindy Enzerink, Imme Kievit, Liz Bykov, Pim Boreel, Xaviër Lieveld
Special Thanks: Camalot, De Grot, Gino, Heat Agency, Ivo Janssen, Joost Aartsen, LITES Film Amsterdam, Luc de Kock, Nieuw Westert, Nurcan Tuzkapan, PWN, Rijksstudio, Sissi’s Expo-Resto, Studio3000, Townhouse
Lab/Scan: Studio L'Equipe, Brussel 
Shot on kodak film 
Official Music Video for "zegeltje":
Written by: Owen Welch
Arranged by: Ludo P. Thörig and Mick Langenberg

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