While researching plant medicines at Sandoz Chemicals in 1943, Albert Hofmann accidentally absorbed a small amount of purified acid through his fingertips and discovered the powerful effects of LSD as he rode home on a bike. We celebrate this cultural phenomenon with our latest “Trace of Effect” capsule collection, where we explore the cycling as a spiritual practice and it’s connection with psychedelics.
The Fingerprint Gilet explains itself already. The absorption through his fingertips inspired us to create a pattern based on Hofmann’s fingerprint itself. It resulted in one of the most outstanding pieces of the collection.
“Based on Albert Hoffman’s personal archives and books, we came up with the design of the Vivid Jersey”, says Tom. Hoffman wrote about this bike trip in his personal diary; ‘I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of colours’. “Based on this observation, we scanned an old dusty book called ‘Observations from LSD Therapy’ and blew up these interesting visuals on a race-fit piece.“